Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The New Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting!

Hi! This is Ashley and I'm a Girl Scout Senior for Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada. Recently I had an opportunity to get my hands on the new Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting books and they are awesome! I wanted to share with you some of the best parts about the new books.

  • The handbook is now in a binder. This is great because now you can keep all of your Girl Scout paperwork in one place!

  • Hate carrying around your badge book? The Girl's Guide is a little bigger than our old books, but it actually works out well because you can take out the info for the badge you're working on and take it with you wherever you go!

  • Did I mention the Girl's Guide has style? I love the new colors and the fact that every age-level has it's own color.

  • Love to customize your world? I do! And the new Girl's Guide provides space for every girl to make it her very own. You can even create your own badge.

  • The new guide book has EVERYTHING!!! I can track my journey projects, badge work, and Gold Award all in one place.

  • Did I mention the badges have been updated? When you think about it, that's pretty cool - we get to be the first girls to earn the new badges! And as new badges are created we can simply add them to our Girl's Guide!

  • And the best part for us teen girls... no more sharing books! That's right, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors have their own books with their own badges to work on.

So here's the deal. The shop has a special - if you preorder your Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, you get $1 off your next purchase at the shop. And save the date - September 30, Girl Scouts is hosting a launch party at the Leadership Center. See you there!


Ashley Smith
Girl Scout Senior

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